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Benatky Mage Stats

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Benatky nad Jizerou


Hallow: •••• (two dots from Salih, one from Matthieu and Santiago)

Resonances: Wonder, Incompleteness, Flood, and Seeing.

Wonder: the magic of discovery, the uncertainty of the supernatural, the progress brought from mankind's curiosity

Incompleteness: the house is in a state of disrepair, full of creativity but not sealed as a finished project

Flood: the ley line feeding from the Devil's Column provides the Flood Resonance, along with the presence of the ancient entity Veles

Seeing: this low-level Resonance was brought with the coming of the eagle eyes of Tycho and his assistants

The ley line runs due south from Benatky to the city of Cotrone in southern Italy, home of the Pythagorean school a millennia ago. 



Size: ••• (5-8 rooms) (1 each from Lóránt, Ernst and Salih)

Security: •• (-2 to intrude, +2 to Initiative) (1 each from Matthieu and Santiago)

Library: ••••• (demonology, symbology from Lóránt, philosophy from Salih, medicine from Matthieu, military from Ernst)

Staff: •• (Jesuit teachers from Ernst)

Materials:(horses from Ernst)

Materials: •••• (printing press from Lóránt and Matthieu)

Guardian Ghosts: •• (from Matthieu)



Ley Marker** ••••••


Imbued Items:

Spirit Net***  •••••


Soul Stones:

crystal orb (topping a lightning rod of perfected copper)

lead lump (at the center of the Spirit Net)



Pro Aedificandis Locis



Schematics of Atlantean surveying machines


** unpurchased by cabal; cannot be moved or used actively until XP are spent for the Artifact.

*** unpurchased by cabal; is a one-of-a-kind item and cannot be duplicated until XP are spent for the Imbued Item.


Contribution by cabal member


Lóránt: Size •, Library (demonology, symbology) ••, Materials (printing press) ••

Santiago: Hallow •, Security •

Matthieu: Hallow •, Security •, Ghosts ••, Library (medicine) •, Materials (printing press) ••

Salih: Hallow ••, Library (philosophy) •, Size •

Ernst: Materials (horses) •, Size •, Staff (Jesuit instructors) ••

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