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Session 0

1599. The tales of the PCs in Prague prior to the chronicle's beginning.


Story 1


Session 1

February 13-22, 1600. Imperial Astronomer Tycho Brahe asks David Gans to assemble interesting guests for a banquet in a few days' time. The Peregrini Cabal, along with Lóránt and Ernst, is invited.


Session 2

February 23-March 3, 1600. Santiago and Salih spend some time at Benatky. Matthieu receives visitors - and a wonder - at court. Lóránt presses the Westons and finds himself dealing with a Jesuit. And Ernst's view evolves from suspicion to acceptance of the Cabal.



Story 2


Session 3

March 4-10, 1600. Salih and Lóránt spend time with Kepler and then investigate the Jewish quarter unrest. Matthieu produces a sketch of the entity inside the Egg. Ernst prepares for the Emperor's return. Santiago finds some of the secrets of the legates from Transylvania.


Session 4

March 11, 1600. Lóránt finds himself trapped in a mysterious alternate Jewish Quarter. Santiago and Salih go to find him, while Matthieu and Ernst confront the Transylvanians. Lórant is found, after finding the origin of the Abyssal incursion, and a vampire at court is flushed out.


Session 5

March 11-13, 1600. The cabal smooths over the misunderstanding with the Transylvanians, and a plan is hatched to confront Ketev Meriri.


Session 6 (INCOMPLETE)

March 14-15, 1600. The cabal confronts Ketev Meriri and the men who summoned it.



Story 3


Session 7 (INCOMPLETE)

March 30-April 3, 1600. A seder is celebrated, the Emperor returns from his winter palace, and political maneuverings among Mages and men lead to new missions.


Session 8 (INCOMPLETE)

April 3-10, 1600. The Emperor inspects his Egg. Lóránt and Ernst prepare for their journey. And the Mages deal with unrest at Benatky.


Session 9

April 10-25, 1600. The cabal receives accolades from the Consilium, and Ernst and Lóránt prepare to leave for their mission. Ernst is singled out by the Consilium as a possible Awakening.


Session 10

April 25-May 2, 1600. Ernst and Lóránt enter the castle of a mysterious lady while the mages of the Cabal deal with Benatky, the rosewood tablet, and most importantly, the Emperor's Egg.


Session 11

May 2-5, 1600. The Sleepwalkers arrive in Moldavia and are Sleepwalkers no more. The cabal, meanwhile, conducts various investigations of different objects.



Story 4


Session 12

May 6-7, 1600. Matthieu and Santiago visit the ghosts of Benatky long ago. Salih becomes suspicious of an aura of occultation around the Jesuit Wilhelm. And Ernst and Lóránt make their separate ways into the besieged city of Khotim.


Session 13

May 8-9, 1600. The Twilight visitors meet the ancient god slumbering under Benatky, and the Emperor's envoys finally sit down with Prince Michael.


Session 14

May 9-20, 1600. Matthieu plans a dissection. Ernst and Lóránt find more mysteries at Cachtice. Salih experiences a vision of Kepler's cosmology.


Session 15 (INCOMPLETE)

May 20-27, 1600. Ernst and Lóránt return to Prague and the cabal has a lengthy meeting at Ludmila's. Before their meeting with the Consilium, the Peregrini do research and Ernst meets the Salamander.


Session 16 (INCOMPLETE)

May 27-31, 1600. Lóránt finds the name of Bathory's patron demon. The cabal meets with the Consilium and the Emperor takes a turn for the melancholy.



Story 5


Session 17

June 1-8, 1600. Matthieu and Jesensky demonstrate a dissection to the gentry of Prague. Santiago leaves for Venice and thence the East Indies.


Session 18

June 9-22, 1600. Further revelations haunt the cabal as they discover the path to enlightenment Lóránt pursues.


Session 19

June 22-23, 1600. As Salih sequesters himself to keep the cabal safe, Yamna is charged with breaking into the Klementinum.


Session 20 (INCOMPLETE)

June 23-24, 1600. As the fate of Benatky remains uncertain, Yamna's true nature begins to emerge and the Emperor suffers from an attack.

Session 21 (INCOMPLETE)

June 25-28, 1600. War council convenes. The Peregrini brainstorm their academy proposal. And Yamna's true nature is revealed.



Story 6


Session 22

September 5-8, 1600. With the establishment of their Academy begun, the cabal must deal with the odd return of a believed-vanquished foe.


Session 23

September 8-9, 1600. At Rudolf's banquet, the cabal meets the new Friar Lorenzo.


Session 24

September 9-10, 1600. The Jewish High Holidays are marked by a strange metamorphosis in Lóránt.


Session 25 (INCOMPLETE)

September 10-18, 1600. In the Jewish Quarter, chaos is fomented by the being masquerading as Lóránt.



Story 7


Session 26 (INCOMPLETE)

September 18-28, 1600. While the cabal continues to work on both academy and investigating the Seers, a dispatch arrives from their long-departed comrade Santiago.


Session 27

September 29-30, 1600. Reunited with Santiago, the Peregrini investigate an ancient Atlantean temple and its mysteries, while Lóránt makes his final decision and an ancient curse infects two of the cabal.


Session 28 (INCOMPLETE)

September 30 - October 2, 1600. Having confronted the ancient curse laid upon the Inner Temple, the cabal, now separated, must find their way out.


Session 29 (INCOMPLETE)

October 2-3, 1600. The cabal must rescue Ernst from his fate at the hands of the Relict Men.


Session 30 (INCOMPLETE)

October 3-18, 1600. The cabal returns to Prague to assess their newly-obtained treasures and then attend the Frankfurt Buchmesse.



Story 8


Session 31

October 18-20, 1600. A return to Prague culminates in an unexpected ennoblement, a dissatisfied astronomer, and a misplaced prescription.


Session 32

October 21-22, 1600. The cabal discovers and distills the lost laudanum of Paracelsus. Lóránt seeks to become the Slayer of Prague. Matthieu moves into a new role.


Session 33

October 22-24, 1600. The cabal very directly deals with the Seers of the Throne in Prague.


Session 34

October 24-November 26, 1600. The cabal makes a decisive move against the Seers, on their own territory. And the Ordo Dracul begin arriving in Prague.


Session 35 (INCOMPLETE)

November 26-December 25, 1600. Prince Michael's men arrive in a snow-covered Prague.



Story 9


Session 36

December 26, 1600 - January 1, 1601. A new year dawns with the cabal forever changed.


Session 37

January 1 - 3, 1601. The cabal makes its move against Bathory's agents and the Seers of the Throne, and makes a deal with an ancient slumbering deity.


Session 38

January 4-5, 1601. The cabal finally takes the fight to the Seers, only to find the playing field has changed dramatically.


Session 39

January 6-10, 1601. The Emperor and Prince Michael seal their pact.


Session 40

January 10-25, 1601. Revelations of Santiago's fate, revelations of Zalmoxis's origin. A decision to leave Prague is made.





The Death of Pythagoras



Story 10


Session 41 (INCOMPLETE)

January 23-February 15, 1601. The journey to a mysterious island begins.


Session 42

February 15-17, 1601. The Peregrini get to know Bensalem, while Lóránt and Maier get to know the Salamander.


Session 43

February 18, 1601. The Master of the House of Salomon arrives, bringing with him discord and controversy. Lóránt hunts the torture spirit.


Session 44

February 18, 1601. Internal discussions lead to a ride deep into the jungle to Salomon's House.


Session 45 (INCOMPLETE)

February 19, 1601. Inside Salomon's House, the cabal finds wonders and horrors. In Prague, Lóránt and Maier get closer to answers.


Session 46

February 19-21, 1601. A bounty is collected. The future is foretold.


Story 11


Session 47

February 23 - March 23, 1601. The cabal returns and a month passes.


Session 48

March 23 - April 6, 1601. The academy expands, and new guests arrive.


Session 49

April 6-7, 1601. Ernst's newly-arrived daughter settles into her new home. And Lóránt's opera attracts some unwanted attention.


Session 50

April 7-8, 1601. Ernst and Salih meet a man on the road. Lóránt and Matthieu go before Perun and The Guardians, respectively.


Session 51

April 8-10, 1601. The secrets of the Godwalkers are revealed. 


Story 12


Session 52

April 10-25, 1601. Ernst is put on trial by his cabal.


Session 53

April 25-May 3, 1601. Ernst adjusts to life as a mortal. Lorant prepares his opera. Salih deals with a revelation about his Mentor. And Matthieu begins his ascension to the Consilium.


Session 54

May 3-16, 1601. Matthieu joins the Consilium, Salih peers deeper into the cabal's and Prague's future, and Lóránt's opera debuts.


Session 55

May 16-17, 1601. The opera continues and concludes. Two Godwalkers are brought low.


Session 56 (INCOMPLETE)

May 17-18, 1601. The aftermath of the opera continues. The Consilium regroups, the Seers feint and thrust.


Session 57

May 18-21, 1601. The Seers' plans are discussed, Ernst's return to the Awakened is planned, and the Rosicrucians' origins are revealed.


Story 13


Session 58

May 21-June 6, 1601. Matthieu becomes Hierarch. Ernst and Lóránt entice the Seers.


Session 59

June 6-27, 1601. Ernst runs Benatky. Lóránt explores his memory palace. Matthieu settles into Hierarch. Salih goes to find his bonanza.


Session 60

June 27-29, 1601. All roads lead to the castle of the Count Thurn.


Session 61

June 29-July 1, 1601. Thurn becomes the focus of attention and investigation; Matthieu begins filling the Star Palace with his own wards.


Session 62

July 2-3, 1601. Ernst faces the departure of his daughter, Salih, Lorant and Matthieu plan their time at Karlstein, Salih's long-term goals in England and America, and Kelley.

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